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今天31选7开奖结果查询: Sketching from the Imagination: Nabetse Zitro

By Nabetse Zitro

Web: //www.nabetsezitro.com/ (will open in new window)

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Date Added: 26th June 2018

Illustrator Nabetse Zitro takes us through his sketching process, his inspirations and gives some great tips on visual storytelling…



I'm a self-taught and independent illustrator. My main strengths and interests are storytelling and capturing a traditional look and feel in my digital works. I create characters and illustrations for books, indie videogames and tabletop games. I've also made several illustrations for book covers. I work for international clients, as well as for local ones. I started drawing at a very young age and today I sketch all the time, even when I'm riding a bus or hanging out with my friends, they're well used to that!

She is really interested in his drawing. She thinks that he's very talented
? Characters created by Patricia Camp for her book "Los caminos de hierro” (WIP)

I especially love sketches because I feel that they best serve my purpose of making the observer involved when they see one of my pieces. Any sketch always leaves something to the imagination. That "something” is completed in the observer's mind, and that stimulates his or her imagination. The "sketchy” look is practically a trademark of my personal style.

This kind of thing should be completed in the viewer's mind
? Characters created by Patricia Camp for her book "Los caminos de hierro” (WIP)

One of my pet peeves is that I like to know who my characters are; I don't like that much drawing random characters. I love when I can know their names, who they are and what they do. Yes, I really do want to know all that! Sketching provides me the perfect space of freedom to "get to know” and understand the personalities of the characters I draw.

A peaceful moment between characters
? Characters created by Patricia Camp for her book "Los caminos de hierro” (WIP)


I find inspiration in the work of the great masters from the 1940s to the 1960s, like Norman Rockwell and Al Parker, amongst many others. They were so good at telling stories with their characters, even without backgrounds on many occasions, and that's something I find inspiring. Norman Rockwell used to say that he wanted to tell stories through his characters and I want to do the same. Every person is like a small universe and I feel it is my job to demonstrate that. Movies from that era are great for inspiration too, as well as noir films.

I practice expressions A LOT


I always carry, at least, a small sketchbook with me and some 2B pencils. I don't usually use an eraser when sketching, because I think those extra lines and mistakes have their charm.

When working in digital, I've always used Photoshop, because of the ease of use it offers me when I need to create. For hardware, I use a medium size Wacom Intuos 5.

Some days are harder than others. For the characters and for the artist too!


I start with simple and fast traces, putting faces in place first. Many times, I use the characters' heads to make decisions about composition and even perspective. I like to use Andrew Loomis technique: outline, shape, light and shadow first, and add details later. In order of importance I would say that the head, posture and contour of the character are the most important for me. Also, the shape of the hands is important because they can tell half of the story if they are used properly.

She brings us a message from the Dragon King.


What are they thinking?
When I draw my characters, it is very important to me to understand what is happening between them, what is going on through their minds and what are they feeling. I even imagine the dialogue sometimes (very often, actually). Why is he smiling? Why does she look at him with an touch of vulnerability?

He's sending her on a difficult mission. She's not happy about it.

A moment frozen in time
I also find very useful to understand the meaning of the situation I'm illustrating. When I draw I like to capture a moment that seems to have movement but is stopped in time. I ask myself what I should elicit from that situation, the best moment and its essence. Understanding what the situation means for the characters helps to find an answer to that question.

They just can't believe this moment. If someone would have told them...

You should look at…

As artists, we should direct the eyes of the observer by correctly using the points of interest. Faces and hands are always points of interest, so we should use them wisely. I always try to opt for clear expressions and to have the characters doing something. The backgrounds and settings can help a lot too by giving depth and reinforcing the interest points.

It looks like the old guy isn't gonna win this time.

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Readers Comments (Newest on Top)
Stephen Loeh on Wed, 27 June 2018 7:16pm
Man, the way this guy does his sketches had been a huge inspiration to me for quite a while. It's fascinating how even the roughest of his sketches still seem complete, and I think the composition and storytelling is what really gives them that effect.
Great to hear some of his thoughts!
Jelena on Wed, 27 June 2018 6:53pm
Amazing! It was a little taste of "what if nabetse zitro released an artbook".... Still hope that day will come ;)

Love your approach to Characterdesign and Storytelling. Also very interesting to know where your influence comes from.

Keep up your amazing work and style!
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