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3DTotal is one of the most valued and popular CG resources available online today. Giving users access to a huge directory of tutorials, free image libraries, forums, galleries, video training and hundreds of interviews and articles by top artists.

Whilst catering for both 3D and 2D art forms, 3DTotal also produces a range of supporting products such as Training DVDs, eBooks, Texture CDs and Books, including the very popular Digital Art Masters series.

3DTotal is always evolving in its strive to create a helpful and educational site providing support, inspiration and advice to both budding and experienced CG artists alike, whilst also showcasing some of the best computer generated artwork in the world.

So Why Advertise?
3DTotal provides an extensive range of in-depth, well written editorial and tutorial content, which brings over 1.5 million visitors to the site every month. Unlike other websites, our advertising options only begin with the traditional banner space offering. In addition to this we offer advertisers a "Complete Solution" meaning (depending on package) your advertising campaign will get:

- Banner space on our website
- A full page advert in either (or both) 2D Artist & 3D Creative Magazines
- A Newsletter feature which includes your advert plus promotional text

Choosing to place your advertising with 3DTotal will give your advert the chance to be seen by a huge audience, in a variety of different communications, making the interest in the above please contact end result very successful, but also cost effective.

If you would like to know more about the various opportunities available, please request a media pack by contacting Becky Grove at [email protected] or call +44 (0) 1905 29764.

*Please note if your Company is based in an EEC country, such as ourselves in the UK, then the above prices are subject to 20% VAT

If you have any interest in the above please contact Becky Grove [email protected] so we may discuss requirements and rates

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