Forgotten Forest

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Date Added: 28th October 2013
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Forgotten Forest, was a personal project, and this was the result. The final model has 78million polygons, everything on the image is 3D too, rendered in MR. Most of the plants are paintfx, the trees were done with onyx tree and speedtree, and all the ivy with ivy generator. you can see the process here.

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Readers Comments
Eydi (Forums)
Eydi (Forums) on Fri, 13 December 2013 6:20pm
Beautiful! Very nice work, I love the details and the idea :)
Jesus FC on Wed, 11 December 2013 5:09pm
Hi Mike, actually as I said in the tutorial this is a recopilation on information on the internet, most of it of this post // on Cgtalk, its a nice reference, all the forest technique is like the one that alex use, and yes they are too similar thats why my tutorial its free, also If you look on google for forest on mental ray you can see that the sppaint 3d plugin its one of the most famous, that one alex alvarez uses too, the proxy technique comes from maya 2009 if I remember well, so yeah the technique of Alex is 90% like the one on my tutorial, the workarrounds that I do different are the shading process, I use a simpler network, and I use a index of refraction from a biological study on plants thats why my renders looks more alike on the speculars and reflections, the only technique that I use from Alex alvarez tutorial is the one that makes the DOF pass from maya software fog, but that technique is not on my tutorial. Hope this anwser your post, Alvarez tutorial was release in 2012, the cg talk post is from 2009 and there you can find most of the alex alvarez tutorial information too, alex make it an amazing technique and explain it, but he did not invent it either, not trying to say anything about him, no doubt he is one of the most amazing artist on this field.
NinthJake (Forums)
NinthJake (Forums) on Mon, 09 December 2013 9:21am
Very cool render, also thank you for the making-of. It was very useful :)
Mike on Sun, 08 December 2013 7:00am
Nice Work, although you should really give credit to Alex Alvarez. Your process is step by step the same as his, and the least you could do is acknowledge him and the Gnomon Workshop. The reason it took so long is because of the trial and error and watching along with the videos. Nice work, but seriously man, you need to give credit where credit is due. I know this because I've followed this tutorial as well from him.
Jesus FC on Mon, 04 November 2013 12:41pm
Thx!!!! Im glad to be here!!! also you guys can check the full tutorial on my page! //
Leif3d on Mon, 28 October 2013 4:02am
Really great work Jesus, I really like that you gave the house a face to avoid making the shot look stale.
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Forgotten Forest by Jesus Fernandez Calderon 1600px X 897px
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